Interesting Working Environments and Approaches by Keller Williams Realty

Interesting Working Environments and Approaches by Keller Williams Realty

Interesting Working Environments and Approaches by Keller Williams Realty – Keller Williams Realty is one of the biggest real estate companies in the world. Even in United States, the company has become the biggest real estate company in term of its branches, achievements, and other aspects. People and many organizations have acknowledged the company. The company itself was established in 1983. Gary Keller and Joe Williams are the founders of the company that now has become so prominent in the world. However, it started as a small company and it was not such company with great funding and huge capitals. It really was ordinary companies. Even, Gary Keller started his career as real estate agent in 1979. However, it did not take long for him to reach the position of vice president of expansion in the place where he worked. However, he did not continue working and he decided to establish his own company, the Keller Williams Realty.

Gary Keller was known as someone with huge interest in real estate. That is why he decided to resign after he got good position because he thought it was his time to start his own business and company. Together with Joe Williams in the tiny office in 1983, the company was established. The company could grow well as what people know nowadays. One of the reasons is the unique working culture in the company. He provided good treatment for the staff. Even, he provided the agents with good care so most agents were interested to the company and all of the workers could become loyal the company. He though that all staff got opportunity to learn and improve themselves. He believed that most people got boredom and even unhappiness in working because they could not get proper knowledge and they could not develop their skills. That was why the founders provided them with the opportunities. They could make everyone in the company felt that they were important so they were happier in working. Various opportunities given by the company made all staff eager to work harder to achieve and learn more. In the end, their development in personal quality brought development for the company. This is why Keller Williams Realty could develop and grow well in its early year. Even, it only needed two years to make Keller Williams Realty the largest company in the town. Then, it could survive during the housing crisis in the era of 1980s.

In addition to special attentions given to the staff and agents even until now, Keller Williams Realty pays attention to the customers. The company always invests in latest technology that will support the business and connect them with the clients and customers easily. The company really knows how to utilize the technology to bring its highest advantages for the business. One of them is related to the collection of data and the data managements. All kinds of information are collected and these are necessary for the company to know what clients need and want. Although the technology is never cheap and it requires good number of funds, Keller Williams Realty sees these as investment and this is why the company can really use the technologies well, even compared to other real estate professionals and companies. Most of them are focused to connect and assists customers so they can get connected easily to the company.

Profit sharing is one of the methods that make the company able to get loyal agents and associates. Keller Williams Realty is really brave and innovative to provide profit sharing for the agents In addition to various opportunity given to them, the profit sharing really make them loyal. The good news is that Keller Williams Realty is really transparent in term of the profit sharing. Even in 2017, the associates got profit sharing at $174 million. This was great achievement and the associates surely were happy with the sharing. No one can deny the huge profit sharing and the company really make it transparent and accountable so everyone can know the details regarding the profit sharing. No wonder that the staff and associates are happy working with the company. They get good working environment and they even get good incomes.

In addition to the profit sharing, there is also commission split. It has commission structure established to bring additional benefits for the loyal agents. Each agent has certain cap to reach in year. When the agent can reach the cap properly during the estimated time, they will get be able to keep 100% of the commission. This is surely beneficial and it makes the agents earn more than what other companies give. That is why all agents are also motivated to get the achievement so they can get more earnings from the company. Even when the cap is not reached, there is no punishment or consequences. This really brings good environment in the offices. There are still other special things regarding how Keller Williams Realty treats the workers and staff in the company. These inspire many people and companies. Even, entrepreneurs think that what Garry Keller and Joe Williams do really bring great inspiration for them.